Medical SEO: why is it essential for an independent doctor?

Independent doctors are prohibited from advertising by their code of ethics. They can nevertheless create showcase sites to make themselves known to potential patients. However, Google is very demanding towards these pages for public health reasons. Therefore, independent practitioners must be careful and refined to improve their referencing.

How to make sure that your customers can find you easily on the internet?

You need to position your website better on Google so that patients can easily find you on the internet. It is indeed the most used search engine in the world. Moreover, Internet users generally prefer links appearing on the first pages of results. Thus, the objective is to reach this level.

The first lines of the SERP (search engine result page) represent the ideal position to improve your visibility on the Internet. However, these positions are reserved for Google Adwords paid ads. As a doctor, you cannot use this commercial strategy. Natural referencing is therefore the best option.

Following a query, the Google search engine displays possible answers on the results pages. The latter includes a list of URLs ranked in order of relevance thanks to dedicated algorithms. The ranking in question depends on various parameters, such as the keywords used, the ranking of the page, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on these factors to improve your site’s position in the SERPs. You can even appear after Adwords ads with a good SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Moreover, this solution is free.

What does local SEO have to do with you?

Google’s core algorithms are a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, the basics of how it works are known to professionals and the general public. In addition, the company regularly explains the changes brought by major updates.

Today, keywords are recognized as essential for referencing your site on Google. They correspond concretely to the terms used by Internet users on the search engine. The robots detect these elements in the available content to generate the results pages.

A liberal practitioner, for example, can be a “doctor”, “independent doctor”, etc. However, keywords that are too generic can drown your page in billions of results. Local SEO allows you to avoid this problem.

How to optimize it?

Local keywords can significantly limit the number of responses to a query. Thus, Internet users often use this method to refine their searches. You must therefore take this factor into account in your SEO approach.

The responses to “independent doctor Bercy”, for example, will inevitably be less numerous compared to “doctor”. Therefore, consider including your location in the keywords for effective optimization. Filling out a Google My Business listing is also essential for your local SEO.

Opt for an SEO agency to support you

For an independent practitioner, the biggest challenge is to get known without falling into the advertising approach. The Order of Physicians is particularly strict on this subject of ethics. However, Adwords is not the only option to proscribe. It is the most blatant violation of the advertising ban.

In principle, a doctor’s website should only contain his contact information, his schedule, his qualifications… The idea is to inform the public about your identity, your services, and your field. Thus, the content must be useful, relevant, and reliable. Google also monitors these different points with its E-A-T criteria (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

Your approach may be questioned if you seem too engaging. A site that looks too commercial can also be criticized. Sometimes the problem comes from the wording, the visuals, the presentation of the site, etc. However, these subtleties require some expertise in the field.

Call on an SEO agency to improve your online visibility while respecting medical ethics. These professionals are particularly aware of the issues in the natural referencing of liberal professions. Moreover, they are able to establish an effective strategy in the long term.

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