Natural referencing for a physiotherapist: how to reach new customers?

In principle, physiotherapists are forbidden to advertise, just like doctors and other health professionals. This directive is common to all the liberal professions governed by an Order. Nevertheless, practitioners can create showcase sites and register on dedicated directories. You will have to rely on your online visibility to reach new patients.

How to improve the visibility of your physiotherapy practice?

For a few years now, having a website is not been enough to stand out in your sector. The phenomenon is particularly marked in the regulated liberal professions (doctors, physiotherapists, etc.). These different activities are governed by specific regulations and codes of conduct.

Prohibited from advertising, the liberal professions tend to systematically create web pages as a directory. Showcase sites are in fact allowed for informative purposes. They are supposed to help the public obtain information about the professionals they are looking for (contact details, services offered, opening hours, etc.).

In this context, Internet users will come across a myriad of sites by typing “physiotherapist” on the Google search engine. Moreover, you will not necessarily appear in the results, at least not on the first pages. The challenge now is to optimize the SEO of your site to improve the visibility of your physiotherapy practice.

Why can SEO help you?

SEO (search engine optimization) encompasses a variety of techniques to optimize your positioning in search engine results. The objective of the process is to improve your visibility on the Internet. The evolution of your online reputation will necessarily increase the traffic on your page.

Thus, you will succeed in attracting more Internet users and better position your website on Google. By optimizing your referencing, you will appear among the first suggestions on certain predefined keywords. This trend will eventually result in an increase in traffic to your physical therapy practice.

In practice, you reorganize your site to become the most relevant for certain queries. You can also use a wide variety of keywords such as “physiotherapist”, “physiotherapist in (city or your region)”, etc. Nevertheless, it is better to focus on your distinctive elements in the field.

Why work on your local SEO?

Local SEO is currently the best way to reach new patients. The approach consists in associating your activity and your specialty with the location of the practice. In this way, people in the vicinity will be immediately directed to your address, if they are looking for a practitioner.

Moreover, Internet users rarely send vague requests such as “physiotherapist”, or “physiotherapy office”… They are primarily looking for professionals to whom they could refer. Thus, their searches often include a precise need and their geographical location, for example: “physiotherapist sports recovery Amiens”.

Therefore, you need to work on your local visibility to appear as a priority in your location. This operation starts with the claim of your Google My Business page. You will then be recognized as a physiotherapist in your neighborhood, city, etc. For more efficiency, it is strongly advised to highlight your specialty.

Why use an SEO agency for your SEO?

By focusing on quality, you already have the opportunity to reference your site well on Google. The latter indeed favors qualitative content in all areas. However, this situation cannot last without using effective SEO techniques.

Beyond keywords, your positioning also depends on the dynamism of the page, user reviews, etc. Search engines use various criteria to suggest the most relevant sites to Internet users. The expertise of an SEO agency is therefore essential to effectively improve your online visibility.

Thanks to this support, your physiotherapy practice will be able to reach new patients. Moreover, the natural referencing of liberal professions is particularly delicate because of the constraints specific to these professions. You, therefore, need professionals who understand the issues and subtleties of your business.

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