Natural referencing for liberal nurses: why create your own website?

The National Order of Nurses (ONI) has developed a code of ethics concerning the creation of websites in the field. It is a practical guide and a reminder of the codes governing the profession. Thus, nurses must follow a precise line of conduct in this matter, to respect ethics and regulations.

Why create a website when you are a nurse?

Liberal nurses are forbidden to advertise in France. This principle has been established by the deontology and public health codes. This constraint also concerns any form of promotional communication. In this way, the profession is not transformed into a business.

However, nurses need to make themselves known in order to exercise their activity as independents. The creation of a website has therefore been authorized to inform the general public of its existence. However, the deontological charter has set precise rules on the content to avoid any commercial drift.

As a result, all the nurses’ websites look alike, at least in the form. Many freelancers hesitate to create a web page. Indeed, this last one does not really allow them to stand out. It is however an essential first step to reaching new patients. You will just have to improve your visibility on the internet.

How to develop your visibility on the internet?

The public health code authorizes private nurses to create their own websites. However, they can only publish their real identity, their opening hours, and their contact information (address, contact, email, etc.). The regulation prohibits, on the other hand, logos, pseudonyms, and paid references.

Thus, Adwords is excluded from the outset to better position your website on Google. However, this service allows you to obtain optimal visibility on the Internet. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to register on specialized online directories. You can also join platforms facilitating the booking of appointments with independent nurses.

SEO specialists are often encouraged you to bet on these two solutions simultaneously. In the long run, they will help your website to be better referenced on Google. Indeed, these two platforms will redirect potential patients to your web page. This way, you improve your incoming traffic, your reputation, and your ranking.

Work on your SEO to be present in Internet users’ searches

Inbound links are effective levers to be present in Internet users’ searches. Your site will be considered reliable and will gain notoriety thanks to the clicks coming from other platforms. The search engine Google will improve your position on the results pages.

This off-site method is particularly adapted to the ethical constraints specific to the profession of liberal nursing. It can also be used without concern for the natural referencing of a doctor. However, the latter benefits from a slight margin in terms of content. The deontological charter makes the use of keywords more difficult for independent nurses.

Nevertheless, you still have the possibility to work on your local SEO. The goal is to appear in priority on searches including your city or performed nearby. To do this, fill out your Google My Business listing thoroughly. You only need to be listed as a nurse practicing in this area (ratings and reviews prohibited). The algorithms will do the rest.

Be accompanied by an SEO agency

The ethical charter of nurses demonstrates the complexity of SEO for liberal professions. Content is strictly regulated, whether on the website, specialized directories, or appointment platforms. You will have little latitude in the use of usual SEO techniques.

In these conditions, it is better to be accompanied by an SEO agency. These specialists master all the subtleties of SEO. Considering your constraints, they can present you with the possible options to improve the ranking of the site.

Moreover, changes may occur in Google’s criteria or in the regulations of your environment. These professionals are able to provide the most appropriate solutions to the changing situation.

Moreover, these eventualities are not negligible. The search engine often updates its rules and algorithms. You must therefore remain reactive to avoid suddenly disappearing from the results pages.

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