SEO KPI : which indicators to keep an eye on?

KPIs are essential in the SEO strategy of a website. However, it is important to identify the indicators that are really useful to develop your action plan. Discover through this article which ones to follow and why.

What is a KPI?

The KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. This term is used in the field of SEO and marketing in general. In concrete terms, the KPI is a device that allows you to measure the effectiveness and progress of actions towards a particular objective. In this sense, it is more than practical to monitor a strategy.

The KPI is presented in the form of a metric or numerical data used to evaluate different elements. Depending on the field to which they are applied, there are a large number of KPIs. For the case of a website and its SEO strategy, we can mention among others:

  • The subscription rate;
  • The number of visits;
  • The rate of clicks on a page.

At the top of the list of tools most frequently used to determine KPIs, we find Google Analytics. Easy to use, it offers many parameters to define various KPIs according to your needs.

SEO KPIs to monitor

With so many KPIs available, it’s easy to lose sight of the ones that really deserve your attention. The following list of key metrics will help you find your way to site success.

Positioning tracking

In an SEO strategy, the ultimate goal is to ensure better visibility for your business. It is above all about positioning your website on Google among the first search results. To achieve this, SEO implies a selection of judicious keywords that correspond to the explorations of Internet users. Therefore, knowing this indicator is useful to evaluate the performance of the site in terms of positioning.

Organic visits

The rate of organic visits corresponds to the number of consultations of the site following the natural referencing in Google. If advertising campaigns aim to arouse the interest of Internet users, organic visits are more beneficial for the website in the long term.

Indeed, by knowing this data, the SEO can develop the performance of each page. This will then allow making them more relevant to the searches of Internet users. What to improve the positioning.

Page loading time

In recent years, search engines have also demanded better navigation for Internet users. This includes measures to improve the loading time of a site. Indeed, the loading speed is now part of the criteria used to improve the positioning among the results. This is even more crucial for mobile browsing.

Bounce rate and visit duration

Do you have a working SEO strategy that gives you good visibility? However, it may not be enough to keep the attention of Internet users. Taking note of the bounce rate, as well as the duration of the visit on the pages of the site allows you to analyze in detail their content. Then, you can improve the latter so that it better meets the needs and expectations of visitors.

The number of page views

Always in the perspective of optimizing your site and its elements, referring to the number of page views is an important KPI. This allows you to evaluate the relevance of the content of the pages in order to better serve the visitor. From a strategic point of view, it will also serve to readjust and improve the marketing and SEO plan of the site.

The exit page

The exit page refers to the part of the site where the visitor closes his session. In addition to the pages intended for this purpose, forms, payment interfaces, and others may lack relevance to encourage conversion. Determining the exit pages of Internet users allows you to analyze the content to minimize the risk of abandonment.

Why is it important to monitor these SEO KPIs?

With the ever-increasing interest in the Web as a prospecting tool, competition has never been tougher. Attracting and retaining the attention of Internet users is becoming more and more complex. Thus, the frequent consultation of SEO KPIs is more than important. By carefully analyzing all the data on the site, it will be possible to evaluate the best strategies for its development.

Also, it will allow optimizing the performance of the site in all its aspects. This includes in particular:

  • Search engine positioning;
  • The browsing experience ;
  • Loading speed;
  • The quality of the content.

All this will help boost the conversion rate, develop brand awareness and improve the visibility of your website.

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